April 9th, 2012


New razor-thin invention makes watching free over-the-air TV channels effortless and can save customers thousands of dollars a year on expensive cable and satellite bills.

CANTON, OHIO, April 09, 2012 – Today, CompTEK is pleased to introduce the next generation indoor digital HDTV antenna called the Clear-Cast X-1 Digital Antenna. The patent-pending Clear-Cast X-1 Digital Antenna is among the world’s thinnest, most compact antennas on the market.

The Clear-Cast X-1 Digital Antenna is light years beyond the rabbit ear antennas of a generation ago. It was developed utilizing the same sophisticated electromagnetic simulation software, network analyzers and test equipment used by the U.S. military and space missions.

The Clear-Cast X-1 Digital Antenna was invented by a scientist who holds 22 U.S. patents and is in the NASA Space Technology Hall of Fame. For the past 20 years he has specialized in developing antenna systems for NASA, Motorola, XM Satellite Radio and companies around the world.

During our research we’ve discovered that most people are not aware that it’s possible to receive free high definition digital broadcasts over-the-air using an antenna connected to their television.

For a generation, cable and satellite television services have made their way into hundreds of millions of U.S. homes and “brainwashed” people into believing they’re the only way or the best way to watch TV. And now, with the advent of streaming services, the current generation is in the dark to the vast array of free national and local broadcasts that they could be receiving with a digital HDTV antenna.

This is precisely what CompTEK wants to fix with the Clear-Cast X-1 Digital Antenna. Our goal is to make consumers aware of the fact that over-the-air television is 100% free to the American people, so we can all save money by getting out from under the clutches of cable and satellite companies.

The Clear-Cast X-1 Digital Antenna is now available to the public by going to

CompTEK is a direct marketing company that was created solely to market and distribute Clear-Cast.

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